Homebrew 101

Brewing beer isn’t rocket science, and it sure is a whole lot of fun! If you’re curious as to how it all works, look no further! We’re here to help you with all your homebrewing needs, including figuring out how to get started.

Homebrewing can be broken down into 4 different steps:

  • Preparation
  • Brewing
  • Fermenting
  • Bottling


For the most part, brewing beer transforming boiling malt, hops, and water into a grainy, sugary liquid that is combined with yeast and time to yield a product that is then carbonated ’til it’s ready to enjoy. We’ll go further into detail as we go.

As the saying goes, success is 90% preparation and 10% perspiration… so let’s get ready to brew some beer!


Here are a few basic terms for Equipment & Ingredients you’ll need:



Sanitizer – keeps equipment clean & prevents infection

Brew Kettles – for boiling wort

Fermentation Vessel – for fermenting beer

Fermentation Lock – keeps beer from oxidation during fermentation

Spoon – for whirlpooling and preventing boilovers

Hydrometer – figuring out original and final gravity

Bottles – for transporting, serving, and enjoying

Bottle Caps & Cappers – for fastening bottles

Auto Siphon – for transferring beer between fermentation vessels

Starter Kits – to get you going with brewing



Malt – extracted fermented sugars used in the production of beer of various styles

Hops – the green, somewhat cone-shaped “flower” of the hop plant used to add balance, flavor, and aroma

Yeast – type of fungus that consumes and converts fermentable sugars in the wort to alcohol and CO2 (AKA fermentation)

Water – one of the most critical ingredients to the production of beer; if your water is good to drink, it’s most likely fit for brewing beer as well




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